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The automatic digital recording booth that produces
instant karaoke and freestyle music cds
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STARBOOTHTM offers a true automatic recording studio experience, using professional-grade voice-processors, headphones and microphones in a soundproof booth. The CD recording and web-enabled system creates a high-quality product complementary to upscale name brands and locations.

Fully-automated, self-contained, free-standing unit approximately 7.5 high by 4.5 deep by 4.2 wide. Requires only a conventional electrical outlet.

Customer self-operated system accessed by built-in computer touch screens and wireless internet connections. Enables customer recording from a huge library of popular karaoke songs, or their own lyrics to a variety of freestyle background music, rhythms and beats.

A Typical customer pays $10 to record 2 songs on custom-labeled, professional-quality music CD, automatically dispensed within booth.

At StarBooth

STARBOOTHTM is a fully-automated cash and credit card-based payment system with real-time access to sales data and collections, via web-based dedicated server.

Fully supported 24/7 by remote system monitoring and a local service team. Automatic self-reporting, and instant customer support.

Customize exteriors with your logos and graphics. Use video screens to feature special offers and messages. Self-brand CD labels.

STARBOOTHTM is a proven draw in a variety of retail locations.

Easily transported and placed at fixed locations as well as temporary venues such as receptions, fundraisers, and events.

A variety of STARBOOTHTM business opportunities are available.

Patent pending.